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There are many Public relations firms, media booking agencies and websites that offer current media opportunities.  Pitch like a Bitch offers a weekly email that includes media outlets (print, TV, Radio, Podcasts and more) for you to submit your information for consideration and we also offer audio interviews with Publishers, Show Hosts and Reporters who offer tips and suggestions to get showcased in the media.  Its that simple.  No different levels of membership, upgrades, downgrades or one-on-one client services, we offer one service with one goal, to provide you with more media opportunities, the rest is up to you. We use the term Bitch because frankly, Bitches get things done.  

Our Story

Our Founder, Kerry Heaps, created Pitch like a Bitch Media with a special focus on Women.  As the Publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine and Host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio, it was troubling to her that for every query, the ratio for Men to Women submitting, was 10 to 1.  Disturbed by those odds and finding after a bit of research that other show hosts and media outlets faced a similar issue, she created Pitch like a Bitch, to help women get more exposure by submitting to more media outlets to help boost their chances of securing a spot in the media.  

We continue to help both men and women, as there are so many great opportunities out there for everyone, we want each of you to have a fair chance with exposure.  Keep submitting, and remember “Pitch like a Bitch”!

What makes us different...

Our Founder

Kerry Heaps is the host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio and Publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine.  She also owns Knockout Marketing a B2B Appointment Setting firm.  Kerry has an extensive background in Sales, Networking, Recruiting, and Training. She is a former Model who specialized in Trade Show and Print work. She is also an experienced judge on the beauty pageant circuit.

She credits much of her sales success to her experiences in the modeling industry. Having worked with students ranging in ages from 6-80 she excels at working with a diverse group of people either one-on-one or in a classroom setting. She has taught many classes virtually as well as in person. In 2009 she rejoined the entertainment industry with a podcast and today she hosts Strictly Marketing Talk Radio.

Kerry is a contributing writer for SB Marketing Tools, SWAAY Media and she writes occasionally for She Owns it, Divine Caroline, Womenco, and many other outlets. Kerry has interviewed celebrities such as Co-Host of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran, Authors Larry Winget, Jeffrey Hayzlett and Former Miss West Virginia and QVC Talk Show host, Kim Parrish and many more successful business entrepreneurs.   

Kerry is a sought after guest on many media outlets, learn more about Kerry here.