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What should I do first?  Download our FREE top 5 tips to gaining more media coverage, this will help you get your game plan ready for media opportunities.  Once you do that, your next step is to sign up, start receiving our email newsletter on Fridays and pick which ones sound like a good fit for you and submit the request information online. Listen to any of our audio recordings at your leisure and look for your discounted invitation for our media tour coming to a city near you!

Who benefits the most from receiving the Media Updates? Any Entrepreneur that wants/needs more media coverage. We help men and women in business gain more coverage the RIGHT way to help them establish expert status and gain more coverage with a strong call to action. Our audio trainings teach you how to incorporate your media experience into your sales efforts to maximize results.

Can Men benefit as well? Yes, this is open to any business owner.

Can PR firms sign up for the updates? Absolutely, this is a great way to get even more opportunities for your clients.  

I only want national coverage, can you get me on MSNBC? Everyone wants that and media coverage is a process. You need to start building a strong press page and get comfortable with your message before you look at larger media outlets. Please listen to our free audio on gaining media coverage to give you a better understanding of how the process works.

Should I work with a PR firm too? PR firms are excellent and there is a right time in your business to work with one.

What about press releases and pitches? These are important components if you have a newsworthy message to contribute to or a new business announcement such as a new business location or new product.

How does this work?

We’ve compiled a few questions you may have, don’t see yours listed here?  Contact us directly, we’d be happy to chat.